Holiday Poinsettia Cookie Bouquets

poinsettia cookiesThe holidays are approaching fast and if you are like me, thoughts turn towards planning and baking those special holiday cookies.  Looking forward to making something new and amazing this season? Why not consider making  Poinsettia cookie bouquets! Click here for more information on how to make them…

holiday poinsettia cookie bouquets

A person can hardly imagine celebrating the holidays without these vibrant flowers so why not make cookie bouquets that appear like this scarlet red beauty?…

poinsettia cookies And the best part? These are the poinsettia bouquets that your friends can EAT!…

poinsettia cookie bouquetThey are perfect for  hostess gifts, office parties, cookie exchanges, or family get-togethers!

I put all the information you will need to make these vibrant cookie bouquets into my next instructional  e-tutorial release, titled “Holiday Floral Cookie Bouquets, Celebrating the Poinsettia” …

Are you wondering if these bouquets are too difficult to make? Go round up the (older) kids because not only are these bouquets not difficult to make, they are kid friendly (with close adult supervision). They also make a great project to do with friends for those fun holiday baking parties!…

I’ll show you everything you need to know to make these beautiful and unique holiday bouquets in my e-tutorial.  I will also share with you my recipe for a deep red delicious fondant that is simple to make and doesn’t require adding any additional red food coloring (nice, huh?). Now you can create a great-tasting, velvet red fondant perfect for any holiday cookie decorating including that other special occasion coming up after the holidays… Valentine’s Day! 

If you would like a break from the traditional way of creating a cookie bouquet and would like to try something new, check out my other site at  There, I have instructional tutorials on how to create floral cookie creations. Did you know that I have an instructional DVD, “Floral Cookie Bouquets”? In the DVD I show how to create 7 different floral cookie creations out of popular cookies such as spritz, sugar and drop cookies. There is even a violet cupcake bouquet.

Why not order now so that you are sure to not miss out on the fun of creating and giving one of these lovely festive cookie bouquets this holiday season! And if you have been searching for that special gift for the friend who loves to bake but seems to have every cooking gadget and cookbook out there, send them a DVD or etutorial too!

For more information, please click here

Happy Holidays to you!

Hi everyone!



Hair Stylist bouquet, truffles,

I wanted to give you a fun idea for Valentine’s Day and  thought of  cake pops! These little cake balls are the latest rage and they are so darn cute! Angie Dudley does such a beautiful job at making these little whimsical creations. So in case you have never heard of or seen them, please check them out at the link above!  You may be inspired…  🙂

I tried my hand at it a while back for a hair stylist friend of mine. I had soooo much fun with this bouquet, I thought I’d share it with you all! When I was making the bouquet, most of the fun came from thinking of all the different ways people style their hair!…

hair styles, truffles, stylist

There's big fluffy hair...


hair styles, truffles, stylist



hair styles, truffles, stylist, mohawk

The mohawk!...

hair styles, truffles, stylist,

Isn't he cute??

hair styles, truffles, stylist

And of course the grand daddy of 'em all - the "comb over"!


hair styles, truffles, stylist

And for the perfect filler for the bouquet, I used prickle-y curlers and curling ribbon!

There are so many possibilites for bouquets using these cake pops! In fact, the ideas are endless…   Happy Valentine’s Day!