Spring Cupcake Bouquet…

 cupcake bouquet

 I love wandering through the craftstore aisles this time of year.  Up here in Minnesota, winters can seem to drag on forever but after Valentine’s Day all the spring craft items come out and they seem to put a spring back in one’s step!

The other day during one of my craft aisle wanderings, I came across these floral-shaped baking cups…

wilton baking cups

I fell in love with all the ruffles…

wilton baking cups

I thought these would work great for a cupcake bouquet, along with a few artificial flowers tucked in here and there…

cupcake bouquet

 Wouldn’t this bouquet be perfect for Easter as the centerpiece for a brunch table? Or maybe as a gift for mom on Mother’s Day or well, any other special occasion where sweets and flowers go hand in hand?…  

To get started, you will first need to find a container and with all the Easter baskets in the stores right now, it shouldn’t be too hard to find something cute, pastel and perfect … 🙂

I found this one with little pink embroidered flowers. Soooo cute….

easter basket

Next, prepare the container…

Cut green floral foam so that it fits snugly inside. You can hot glue it to the inside of the container, if you wish, so that it doesn’t shift on you while assembling the bouquet…

Then, prepare the cake batter (from the recipe of your choice) for the cupcakes…

making cake batter beaters

Then, if you look at the baking cups, you will notice a sort of “line” on the inside…

baking cupsPour the batter into the cups up to this line…

cupcake flowers

cupcake flowersPlace the baking cups on a cookie sheet and bake according to your recipe’s directions and then let them cool completely.

While the cupcakes are cooling down, prepare the skewers. Take large gumdrops…

large white gumdrops (You can usually find these in a drugstore in the candy aisle) and slide them down about 1 inch from the skewer’s tip…

Take a piece of cardboard and cut out circles slightly smaller than the diameter of the bottom of the baking cups. Poke a hole through the centers of the cardboard discs…

cupcake bouquet

Slide them over the tip of the skewers so that they rest on the surface of the gumdrops…

cupcake bouquet

When the cupcakes have completely cooled, take a small stick pin and pierce the bottom of the baking cups in the center to make a small hole. Remove the pin.

cupcake bouquet

** Be sure that your cupcakes have thoroughly cooled. The baking cups will be much firmer and easier to work with when the cupcakes are cold…

Take one of the prepared skewers and stick it into the baking cup’s bottom, into the hole you made with the pin…

cupcake bouquet

Take a decorator’s bag fitted with a star tip and begin piping on little stars to create a center for your cupcake flower…

cupcake bouquet

Then sprinkle yellow nonpareils over the top…

cupcake bouquet


cupcake bouquet

Stick the completed cupcake flowers into a brick of green floral foam until you are ready to assemble your bouquet.

Add the first cupcake flower to the container and trim it to its desired length using a sharp wire cutter. Add the filler of your choice. ( I used silk flowers and a little sheer green cloth ribbon as my filler…)

Keep alternating adding cupcake flowers and filler until your bouquet is finished!


A couple of months ago, I found these cute little garden-themed stickers at the craft store…

garden stickers

 I knew they would come in handy someday and yeah, today was the day!

I took a small white gumdrop and trimmed it down with a scissors. I slid it onto the tip of a skewer…

cupcake bouquet

And then peeled off one of those cute little dragonfly stickers and stuck it onto the gumdrop!…

garden stickersWhen inserted next to the cupcake flowers, he appeared to be hovering over the bouquet! Cute!… 🙂

dragonfly sticker

My passion is turning sweets into arrangements that appear like real floral bouquets. If you would like to see more ideas for floral-themed edible bouquets, check out my other site at Floralcookiebouquets.com  where I feature floral cookie E-tutorials.

Right now Floralcookiebouquets.com is  all about spring floral cookie bouquets! (Please click on the highlighted words for more information…)

Daffodil cookies…

daffodil cookies


white daffodil cookies

easter cookiesPrim rose cookies…

prim rose cookies

Peony cookies…

peony cookies

and many other floral cookies! You can check them out at Floralcookiebouquets.com

 See you there! 🙂

Aahhhh, spring…

spring flowers

Aaahhhh, spring…

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to be outdoors and not have to wear all that heavy winter clothing? I love that feeling in the springtime when I can finally shed my heavy winter coat and just wear a light jacket outside. To me it feels like a new start, a feeling of lightness and new birth.

spring flowers

The kids and I went down to visit Grandma and Grandpa last week in Nebraska during my daughter’s spring break. Although it’s still a little brown and barren up here in Minnesota, Spring has definitely arrived down in Nebraska.  I was able to go out and snap a few pictures while I was there.

spring flowers

It never ceases to amaze me how much beauty can be stored up in something so small. Take the blue and white flowers pictured above. They are actually only about an inch across and are so small, they are easily stepped on without even being noticed while walking in the yard.

spring flowers

I thought I’d share a recipe with you that contains a special memory for me every year around this time. Years ago, there was an Easter where  my mom and I were both having company, and even though I talk to my mom pretty regularly on the phone, that year we’d call each almost everyday and ponder what we were going to make for our guests for Easter.

We both were trying to decide what we wanted to serve for dessert.  I was making several desserts for that Sunday, as we were going to be a large crowd that day with close to 60 people. I was serving a variety of sweets and wanted at least one of them to be very light and not very filling. I was having trouble deciding upon something and was coming up empty handed. Then Mom called and told me she had found a recipe for a whipped cheesecake. It sounded so good, we both decided to go with it!

We kept the phone calls going between each other that day while making that dessert! It’s not a hard recipe but for some reason we just kept in touch throughout that day as we each made the dessert…

“Have you made the crust yet, Mom?”  

 “How long did it take for your gelatin to thicken? I almost let mine get too thick…” 

“What serving dish did you decide upon?”  

“Are you garnishing yours with fresh fruit?”

Even though we weren’t together that Easter Sunday, that particular Easter still has special memories for me because of this delicious dessert and all the phone calls between Mom and I talking about it…

Happy Easter to all of you! 🙂

spring daffodil flowers

 Summer Breeze Cheesecake

 In this recipe, you will be whipping evaporated milk into a thick froth. The milk, beaters and bowl must be very cold in order to do this. After the milk has been whipped, it will want to fall so please fold it immediately into the gelatin mixture for the best results.


The day before or several hours before you begin to make this dessert, place:

      1 – 12 oz. can evaporated milk

into the refrigerator, along with a mixing bowl ( if your mixing bowl will allow it, placing it into the freezer is best). Then set out on the counter to soften:

      8 oz. pkg cream cheese

Into a small mixing bowl place:

      1 – 3 oz. box lemon flavored gelatin

and add:

      1 cup boiling water

Stir this until the gelatin has dissolved then place into the refrigerator to thicken. Meanwhile, put into a mixing bowl:

      1/4 cup melted butter

      1/4 cup sugar

      1/3 lb. ( or 1 pack) finely crushed graham crackers

Mix well and pat into a 9×13 inch pan or serving dish. Then place into another mixing bowl:

       the softened cream cheese

      4 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice

      1 teas vanilla

      1 cup sugar

Beat this until light and creamy. Put a few ice cubes into a medium-sized mixing bowl along with some cold water. Set this aside. Then, check your gelatin…when it has reached a consistency of thick syrup, whip it well and then fold it into the cream cheese mixture. Clean off your beaters and then stick them into the ice water to quickly cool them down ( this will only take about 20 seconds or so). Dry them off.

Then take the milk and bowl out of the refrigerator. Pour the milk into the cold bowl and beat this until it is thick and frothy. Fold this into the gelatin/cream cheese mixture. Pour this mixture over the graham cracker crust and place in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours or until it is set. Garnish with fresh fruit and a dolip of whipped cream, if desired.

This dessert is very light and airy and will make a beautiful addition to any brunch or special occasion!