My Grannie Snickers…

crabapples and blossom

Isn’t it amazing how many different kinds of fruit and berries a person can find out in the countryside this time of year?  It seems everywhere a person looks there is some sort of fruit hiding amongst the leaves…


Some fruits are for us, like these wild plums I came across a couple of weeks ago…aren’t they beautiful? I love their soft rosy color…

Wild Plums

Some fruits are just meant to be enjoyed by our little furry or feathered friends…

Green Berries

Sumac berries


But no matter who is partaking of this abundance, it fills our tummies and can be very satisfying.


I think I would consider the apple as  my favorite fruit of Autumn. One of my favorite ways to serve them is in this salad – or maybe it should be called a dessert? I’m not sure how to classify it! But it is a sweet and tempting combination of Granny Smith apples, Snickers candy bars, pineapple and a creamy filling. Whatever you decide to call it, it is sure to please…


My Granny Snickers… 

Empty a :

      20 oz. can crushed pineapple

into a collander and drain well, reserving the juice. While this is draining cut up into small pieces:

      18 – “Fun size” Snicker candy bars

Set aside. After the pineapple has drained place it on a clean dish towel or stack of folded papertowels to absorb the extra juice. While this is happening slice:

      2 Granny Smith apples

into bite-sized pieces. Place the apples into the juice of the pineapple and toss so that the apples have all been coated with the juice. Drain well in the collander. Then into a large mixing bowl put:

      1 – 8oz cream cheese, softened

      1 can sweetened condensed milk

Beat until light and creamy.

Fold the  edges of the towels over the pineapple and gently press to remove a little more of the juice and then place the pineapple into a mixing bowl along with the Snickers and drained apples. Toss.

To serve this salad/dessert add the creamy mixture to the candy and apple mixture, mix well and serve immediately. This can be made ahead of time by covering the two mixtures separately and refrigerating them until you are ready to serve this salad/dessert.