Flavor-filled burgers!



A good hamburger sure hits the spot, doesn’t it?…especially done on the grill in the summer!

Using lean meat for a hamburger seems like it results in a dry tasteless burger, but using this recipe can give you a juicy burger without all the fat! 

 The secret? shredded pickles…the juice from the pickles goes into the meat during the cooking process and results in a very juicy burger! tomato slices, sliced tomato, tomatoUsing regular hamburger will still give you the juiciest, most flavorful burger, but try this recipe with lean meat too and see if you miss the extra fat…

My other secret to a flavor-filled burger is adding beef bouillon, onion powder and a touch of mesquite liquid smoke to the raw hamburger before forming into patties. Yum!

Flavor-filled Hamburgers

Into a mixing bowl, place:

2/3 cup shredded dill pickles

1 teas beef bouillon powder

1 T onion powder

1/2 t mesquite liquid smoke

1 lb. hamburger

Mix first 4 ingredients together then add the hamburger and thoroughly combine.  Form into patties…and grill to perfection! Makes about 4 patties.