Lemon Cornbread



Well, we are getting more snow up here in Minnesota! Last I heard, we are due to receive 14-20 or more inches before this storm is all said and done sometime tomorrow night. Good grief!  I absolutely love to watch it snow, but I think I’ve had my fill for this winter!  I’m looking forward to spring… 🙂

So, I was wondering what my blog could be about as I am dreaming about springtime and all the beautiful flowers that will soon be out as we prepare for Easter and warmer weather. My mind wandered off to daffodils, one of my favorite flowers. I absolutely love this flower! I think it’s because of the beautiful curve of the center cluster of petals… 

Daffodils and lemons go hand in hand to me…don’t ask me why but when I smell the scent of lemons, in my mind flashes daffodils! So I wanted to devote this blog to the lemon…

Have you ever had lemon cornbread? It is sooooo good with chili… especially chicken chili!  This cornbread has a very moist, almost cake-like texture to it. If you like moist cornbread also, be sure to wrap it well or put it in an airtight container after it cools. ( I actually like to make it the day before  I serve it and put it in a sealed plastic bag. Doing it this way will ensure a moist texture). Enjoy!

Lemon Cornbread

Cream together in a small mixing bowl:

      1  1/4 c slightly pack brown sugar

      1/2 c butter flavored Crisco

      3/4 c sour cream

      2 eggs

Sift into a large mixing bowl:

      2 c  flour

     3/4 t  salt

      1/2 t  baking powder

      1/2 t baking soda

Then stir into the flour mixture:

      1 c  cornmeal

Pour creamed mixture into the dry cornmeal mixture and mix just until combined then add:

      1/3 c  fresh lemon juice

      1 T lemon zest

Pour into a greased 11×9 inch baking dish and place in a 400 degree oven for 25 minutes or just until toothpick comes out dry.

Ooooooh, cold weather is upon us…

When your kids are complaining how rough they have it, do you ever say “Well, when I was a kid…” and you go on to tell them some story of your youth? That was me the other day… As I was listening to my little kids stating how cold it was getting into the car (ummmm…into a van in the warm garage) I told them a story about when I was young and single and parking my car in a warm garage wasn’t an option. My kids got such a laugh out of this story, I thought I’d share it with you all too…

When it was -29 degrees below zero one morning, I set out from my apartment building to walk to my car in the parking lot.  As I was walking, I was lamenting that I had misplaced my earmuffs.  Now this was in the 1980’s when “big” was in, big hair and big earmuffs! I had huge orange fuzzy earmuffs that looked like orange soft balls on either side of my head…and they were so warm…

When I reached my frigid cold car and opened my car door, I saw two orange “fuzzy softballs” laying on my carseat! My ear muffs! I stretched open the  earmuffs, as they were attached with a plastic band, and put them on my head. I started my car and drove off to work like usual…

I was stopped at a red light listening to the radio when  there was a loud – BANG!!  As I jumped a foot off my carseat,  I saw two  orange balls fly out. One hit my windshield and the other hit the driver’s side window! It took me a second to collect my thoughts! …What had just happened here?!… I wondered was it gunfire? did someone just have an accident? did my tire just blow? And what?! were those orange balls flying around inside my car??  Then it dawned on me…

I reached up to feel my ears and my ear muffs were gone! That’s what those orange balls were flying around the car… My earmuffs had exploded! I laughed at that thought and then thought –  wow! thank goodness the windows were rolled up or my earmuffs would’ve blown out the side windows and hit the cars next to me!

Aaahhh, the life of a Minnesotan in winter…so let that be a lesson for all of you who live in cold weather! 🙂 Never keep your plastic-banded earmuffs in a frigid cold car!  ( I still chuckle at the thought of how that whole scenario must’ve looked from the viewpoint of the driver behind me that morning…)

Well, I hope we are finished with our extremely cold weather up here in Minnesota…but  I kind of doubt it.   🙁  So on a warmer note, here is quick and simple casserole I like to throw together to warm tummies and satisfy the hungriest of appetites…

Chili and veggie casserole

Into a large stock pot put:

      2- 15 oz. cans chili soup

      32 oz. bag of frozen mixed veggies

      1 t chili powder

      1 t garlic salt

      1  t onion salt   

Stir and heat until hot then pour into a greased 2 qt. casserole dish (**see note at bottom) and bake uncovered  in a 375 degree oven for 30 minutes or until hot and bubbling. Meanwhile, open:

     1 can (10 ct.) refrigerated biscuits

Cut the biscuits in half with a clean scissors. Arrange the halved biscuits around the sides and top of the casserole dish. Sprinkle:

      1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

over the center of the casserole, between the circle of biscuits. Bake for about 10 minutes more or until the biscuits are light golden brown.

** Somtimes this likes to bubble over… I place it on a cookie sheet to save cleaning up in the oven…