Black eyed Susan and Sunflower Cookies

 autumn cookie flower tutorials

I took a break from blogging this summer to be with my little kids and family. It was a needed break…but it feels good to be back!

I’m going to start the Fall season off by sharing a tutorial with you on how to create 2 beautiful Autumn floral cookie bouquets. It starts out by showing you how to make a chalk pot full of Black eyed Susan cookies!…

black eyed susan teacher back to school cookie bouquetThis is an exceptionally fun teacher’s gift  because not only does the teacher get a lovely bouquet of Black eyed Susan cookies but a chalk pot as well! 

The chalkboard pot makes a cute place to add a personalized message because it is actually a mini chalkboard!… 

chalkboard paint

And once the cookie flowers have been eaten, the message can be erased and replaced by a new one – perhaps a daily message for the students! 🙂  The pot also makes a cute place for storing rulers, crayons, pencils…or even chalk!

The second part of the tutorial shows you how to  create stunning Cinnamon and Chocolate Sunflower cookies and then arrange them in such a manner that it appears like you have just returned from picking flowers in a sunflower patch!…

Sunflower cookie bouquet

If you have been trying to think of a unique, back-to-school gift to make for that special teacher, these bouquets are perfect!

They are fun to make and the kids can get involved in making them too! What could be more fun, than on the first day of school, your child could hand one of these bouquets to his or her teacher and say that they made it just for her/him?  ( with your help, of course! 🙂 )

If you would like the tutorial to find out how to make these bouquets, please click here… ( When you click over, you will now be leaving this site and going to my other site at

See you over there!…