Flowers in ice


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Beautiful buckets of ice!! 

Isn’t this a gorgeous idea? When I saw  this presented in a magazine many years ago, I knew I had to try it!

I love the look of the flowers and leaves suspended in the ice…

I think these ice buckets would be beautiful no matter what kind of flowers you chose to use and I think the more flowers and leaves added, the better!

But more flowers also mean less ice which will cause your ice ring to melt all the quicker so you may want to make several of these if you need an ice ring to last more than a couple of hours.

You will need the following items:

* a 5 qt. ice cream bucket

* a large empty can –  I like to use a large tomato juice can

* rocks, beans, pie weights or anything else that can be frozen to create weight inside of the can so that it doesn’t float.

* ice cubes

* whatever you would like to fill your bucket with – flowers, colored glass marbles, decorative crystals or anythingelse you can think of…

* diapers – the largest size you can find! These are going to absorb the water from the ice buckets as they melt. If you don’t have any diapers around the house, ask a friend who may have some that you can have. You will need at least two per ice bucket that you are making.

* a container with at least a 1-inch depth to display the ice bucket

* a towel that will sit on top of the diaper in the container.


Place the large can inside of the ice cream bucket. Fill the can with the weighted material.

Put in a thin layer of ice around the bottom then start adding layers of flowers and ice. I like to arrange the flowers into a few clusters and then have a few individual flowers off by themselves. This seems to create a prettier effect…I should mention also – push the faces of the flowers into the bucket. If you do this, the flowers’ faces will be more apparent when you unmold the ice. Place ice behind the flowers to secure them into place.





Cut the elastic edges off the two sides of the diaper, being careful NOT to cut into the center. The center area is filled with some sort of material, that when wet, will expand and if this falls out of the diaper, it will make an awful mess. When the ice begins to melt, the diaper will expand. Replace the diaper with a new one. It is a good idea to have several cut before your party so that you aren’t cutting diapers in the middle of your party!

Fold the trimmed diaper in half, so that the inside of the diaper is now on the outside…see photo above…You want the absorbent side to be facing up to catch the water dripping down. Lay the diaper in your container.

sunflowers in ice

Place the unmolded ice into the prepared container and stick in your wine or champagne or whatever your choice of beverage may be…Check the diaper after about an hour…as you might have to do a “diaper change”! ahaha



5 thoughts on “Flowers in ice

  1. I love to see all of your ideas, they are so beautiful and creative. The flowers look absolutely gorgeous in the ice. Thanks for linking up!

  2. What a lovely idea! I wouldn’t have known how to keep the water condensation from getting all over the place. The wrapped diaper is such a great way to cover that obstacle!

  3. Beautiful clever idea!
    Is there any particular reason that you don’t layer the bottom of the bucket with ice before placing the can?

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