Chicken Alfredo Sandwiches



magnolias in spring

I think I shrieked when I saw that the magnolias were blooming! This has to be one of my all-time favorite flowering trees in the spring…

magnolias in spring


magnolias in spring

magnolias in spring

I grabbed my camera and just went crazy…

magnolias in spring

magnolias in spring

It felt like I just couldn’t get enough photos of the tree and just kept snapping away…

When the kids started saying, “Heh, Mom, we’re hungry!” I knew that it was time to put the camera away and get them something to eat!

Do you ever open the door and stare inside of your full refrigerator and  think, “there is nothing in here to fix for lunch…”  That was me the other day. I stood and just stared at the icebox, while holding one child in my arms, while the other one sat on my foot and hugged my leg. I sighed. I scanned the kitchen and saw some french bread on the counter and then began to think,  “I wonder if I have any…”  and began to assemble some simple little sandwiches.

They turned out to be a hit, that is with my daugher anyway  ( my little boy still steadfastly refuses to part from his diet of bananas, peanut butter, noodles and milk……sigh). And my husband didn’t get any because…well, we ate them. Sorry, honey 🙂 but I’ll be making more some other time!

Sandwiches, they can be made out of “nothing” and still taste great!

Chicken Alfredo Sandwiches

First, heat according to the package’s directions:

        Tyson brand frozen grilled chicken breasts ( 1 breast will make about 2 sandwiches)

Then slice:

        french bread

into thick slices ( about 1 inch thick).Then open a jar of:

      Alfredo or creamy garlic sauce

and spread this over the bread slices…using about a tablespoon and a half per slice of bread. Then slice the grilled chicken breasts and arrange them over the slice of bread. Sprinkle:

      shredded cheddar cheese

over the top and broil in the oven until the cheese has melted. (If you would like to add a little heat to the sandwiches, add a few drops of tobasco or hot sauce to the sauce before spreading it on the bread)


Flavor-filled burgers!



A good hamburger sure hits the spot, doesn’t it?…especially done on the grill in the summer!

Using lean meat for a hamburger seems like it results in a dry tasteless burger, but using this recipe can give you a juicy burger without all the fat! 

 The secret? shredded pickles…the juice from the pickles goes into the meat during the cooking process and results in a very juicy burger! tomato slices, sliced tomato, tomatoUsing regular hamburger will still give you the juiciest, most flavorful burger, but try this recipe with lean meat too and see if you miss the extra fat…

My other secret to a flavor-filled burger is adding beef bouillon, onion powder and a touch of mesquite liquid smoke to the raw hamburger before forming into patties. Yum!

Flavor-filled Hamburgers

Into a mixing bowl, place:

2/3 cup shredded dill pickles

1 teas beef bouillon powder

1 T onion powder

1/2 t mesquite liquid smoke

1 lb. hamburger

Mix first 4 ingredients together then add the hamburger and thoroughly combine.  Form into patties…and grill to perfection! Makes about 4 patties.