Chocolate Cookie Cake


oreo cake

My mom had her 80th birthday a couple of weeks ago. She wasn’t too keen on celebrating the fact she was turning 80 and wanted this birthday, to just “slide by” but the kids and I wanted to do something to make it a special day for her. So we made her a chocolate cookie cake!

The layers of this moist cake are covered with bits of chocolate sandwich cookies…

oreo cake

And then can be frosted with your favorite white icing…

oreo cake

We topped off our cake by serving it with mint chocolate chip ice cream and a few candles on top. The kids were pondering counting out 80 candles but eventually decided on 8 candles, one for each decade we have been so blessed to have her with us!

Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you so much…  🙂

 Chocolate Cookie Cake

Sift together into a large mixing bowl…

3 c flour

6 T cocoa powder

2 t baking soda

1 t salt

1 ¾ c sugar


Then, pour in…

2 c cold water

¾ c vegetable oil

2 Tablespoons vanilla extract

2 Tablespoons white distilled vinegar

Mix well. Line 2 – 8 inch round cake pans with aluminum foil and spray with baking spray. Pour batter evenly into the 2 pans. Then sprinkle on top:

2 cups  coarsely chopped Oreo cookies ( this will take about 18 cookies)

Place the pans into a 350 degree oven and bake for about 30-35 minutes or until inserted toothpick comes out clean. Do not overbake.

Bring the edges of the foil over and down, around the edges of the baked cake. Place another piece of foil or waxed paper on top of the cake, followed by a dish towel and then let the cake completely cool down.

When cake has cooled completely, remove the baked layers from their pans and peel off  the foil. You will be left with a beautiful, moist and chocolate-y cake!…

oreo cake


Spring Cupcake Bouquet…

 cupcake bouquet

 I love wandering through the craftstore aisles this time of year.  Up here in Minnesota, winters can seem to drag on forever but after Valentine’s Day all the spring craft items come out and they seem to put a spring back in one’s step!

The other day during one of my craft aisle wanderings, I came across these floral-shaped baking cups…

wilton baking cups

I fell in love with all the ruffles…

wilton baking cups

I thought these would work great for a cupcake bouquet, along with a few artificial flowers tucked in here and there…

cupcake bouquet

 Wouldn’t this bouquet be perfect for Easter as the centerpiece for a brunch table? Or maybe as a gift for mom on Mother’s Day or well, any other special occasion where sweets and flowers go hand in hand?…  

To get started, you will first need to find a container and with all the Easter baskets in the stores right now, it shouldn’t be too hard to find something cute, pastel and perfect … 🙂

I found this one with little pink embroidered flowers. Soooo cute….

easter basket

Next, prepare the container…

Cut green floral foam so that it fits snugly inside. You can hot glue it to the inside of the container, if you wish, so that it doesn’t shift on you while assembling the bouquet…

Then, prepare the cake batter (from the recipe of your choice) for the cupcakes…

making cake batter beaters

Then, if you look at the baking cups, you will notice a sort of “line” on the inside…

baking cupsPour the batter into the cups up to this line…

cupcake flowers

cupcake flowersPlace the baking cups on a cookie sheet and bake according to your recipe’s directions and then let them cool completely.

While the cupcakes are cooling down, prepare the skewers. Take large gumdrops…

large white gumdrops (You can usually find these in a drugstore in the candy aisle) and slide them down about 1 inch from the skewer’s tip…

Take a piece of cardboard and cut out circles slightly smaller than the diameter of the bottom of the baking cups. Poke a hole through the centers of the cardboard discs…

cupcake bouquet

Slide them over the tip of the skewers so that they rest on the surface of the gumdrops…

cupcake bouquet

When the cupcakes have completely cooled, take a small stick pin and pierce the bottom of the baking cups in the center to make a small hole. Remove the pin.

cupcake bouquet

** Be sure that your cupcakes have thoroughly cooled. The baking cups will be much firmer and easier to work with when the cupcakes are cold…

Take one of the prepared skewers and stick it into the baking cup’s bottom, into the hole you made with the pin…

cupcake bouquet

Take a decorator’s bag fitted with a star tip and begin piping on little stars to create a center for your cupcake flower…

cupcake bouquet

Then sprinkle yellow nonpareils over the top…

cupcake bouquet


cupcake bouquet

Stick the completed cupcake flowers into a brick of green floral foam until you are ready to assemble your bouquet.

Add the first cupcake flower to the container and trim it to its desired length using a sharp wire cutter. Add the filler of your choice. ( I used silk flowers and a little sheer green cloth ribbon as my filler…)

Keep alternating adding cupcake flowers and filler until your bouquet is finished!


A couple of months ago, I found these cute little garden-themed stickers at the craft store…

garden stickers

 I knew they would come in handy someday and yeah, today was the day!

I took a small white gumdrop and trimmed it down with a scissors. I slid it onto the tip of a skewer…

cupcake bouquet

And then peeled off one of those cute little dragonfly stickers and stuck it onto the gumdrop!…

garden stickersWhen inserted next to the cupcake flowers, he appeared to be hovering over the bouquet! Cute!… 🙂

dragonfly sticker

My passion is turning sweets into arrangements that appear like real floral bouquets. If you would like to see more ideas for floral-themed edible bouquets, check out my other site at  where I feature floral cookie E-tutorials.

Right now is  all about spring floral cookie bouquets! (Please click on the highlighted words for more information…)

Daffodil cookies…

daffodil cookies


white daffodil cookies

easter cookiesPrim rose cookies…

prim rose cookies

Peony cookies…

peony cookies

and many other floral cookies! You can check them out at

 See you there! 🙂

Berry Patriotic!…

july 4 th dessert Okay,  all you strawberries…stand at attention!…

patriotic desserts

Straight lines now…

red, white and blue dessert

Heh! You in the front line…no leaning!…

patriotic strawberries

That’s better…

chocolate filled strawberries July 4th Want to have some fun with fresh strawberries this 4th of July? Have your strawberries “stand at attention” by sticking them onto toothpicks that have been inserted into an easy-to-make decorative foam platter! Your guests can pick out their favorite star-studded strawberry and then just slide it off without any fear of knocking the other berries over.

Who wouldn’t love a red ripe strawberry presented this way, filled with white chocolate cream and topped with a blue chocolate star on the 4th of July?  😉

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Items needed:

12- inch disc of styrofoam – 1 inch thick

Decorative ribbon ( 1inch wide)…

patriotic ribbon

Parchment paper


Stick pins…

stick pins

Small star-shaped cookie cutter

6-inch shallow clay disc…

Hot glue gun

Fresh strawberries

Ingredients for White Chocolate Cream Recipe (recipe below)…

Velvet Red Fondant recipe and ingredients (you will be substituting blue confectionary wafers and frosting for the red, called for in the recipe) This recipe will make considerably more fondant than you will need for making the stars. Unless you are making a very large number of stars, you may want to half the recipe…

Making the Blue Chocolate Stars…

Prepare one recipe of Velvet Red Fondant according to the directions (click here for the recipe) but substitute blue wafers and blue decorator’s frosting for the red wafers and frosting called for in the recipe.

**For my stars,  I added some Royal Blue powdered coloring and some Violet Purple food coloring paste to the fondant  so that it would become more of a navy blue color…

Let the fondant sit for 24 hours for easier handling…

After the fondant has sat for 24 hours and has become very hard, break off a chunk and begin kneading it to soften it…

Dust a smooth rolling surface with cornstarch…

cornstarch for fondant

Place some fondant on the surface and puff with just a light dusting of cornstarch…

Roll it out until you reach the desired thickness of your stars ( I made mine about an 1/8 inch thick)…

Take a pastry scraper and slide it underneath the fondant to loosen it from the bottom…

Lightly reroll over it again to smooth it down. Take a pastry brush and brush off all excess cornstarch from the fondant’s surface.

Take your star cutter and cut out the shapes..

Place them on a smooth surface that has been dusted with cornstarch…

Decorate the stars with red and white frosting and sugars…

 Preparing the serving “plate”…

Take your ribbon and wrap it around the outer edge of the foam disc and overlap it by about 1-1/2  inches…

Trim it off and set this aside…

Place the foam disc on a piece of parchment paper…

 Then with a pencil, draw a line about ¾ of an inch out from the foam’s edge, and draw around the disc…

You should now have a circle drawn around the foam that is slightly larger than the foam disc…


Cut out the parchment circle…

Lay the  parchment circle on top of the disc, lining it up so that it is centered over the disc…

Stick a toothpick into the middle to secure the paper to the foam so that it doesn’t shift around…

Begin folding down the edges of the parchment paper and place the ribbon over the parchment . Secure the ribbon to the paper ( and to the foam)  with stick pins…

july 4th craftsContinue folding down the parchment paper, wrapping the ribbon and sticking in the pins until the edge has been completely covered around the disc…

Remove the toothpick from the center and tip the “platter” upside down…

Tip the clay dish upside down and put some hot glue around the edges…

Center the clay dish on top of the foam platter…

And then tip right-side up to cool…

Gluing this dish onto the bottom of the foam disc not only makes the platter easier to pick up, it adds weight to the foam platter so that it makes it easier to pull off the berries…

** If I am planning on making a lot of the filled strawberries for my guests, I make a second foam platter that is undecorated – and minus the clay dish. This way I can put the extra filled berries on the toothpicks and stick them in the refrigerator so that they are decorated and ready to go…ready to be placed on the decorated platter when the berry plate needs to be filled again. It is just less hassle than standing at the counter, filling and decorating strawberries during a party…  

White Chocolate Cream Filling…

Into a medium-sized heavy saucepan, put:

3 oz. cream cheese (or about a third of an 8 oz bar, reserve the rest)

3/4 c  heavy whipping cream

Over medium high heat, begin melting the cream cheese into the cream. Stir continuously with a wooden spoon. When the cream starts to bubble, turn down the heat. (At this point, switch to stirring with a whisk. It will help break up the pieces of cream cheese) Stir until the mixture is smooth. Turn down the heat to low and then add:

1 heaping cup white confectionary wafers ( or white baking chips will work also)

Slowly stir until the wafers have been melted and the mixture is smooth. Use the whisk to whisk out any remaining tiny lumps of wafer or cream cheese.

Pour mixture into a bowl and place into the refrigerator to cool down…

To prepare the berries, core the strawberries using a sharp knife…

Begin sticking toothpicks into the foam platter and adding the berries as you go…

strawberries on tootpicks

After all the berries have been attached, finish making the whipped cream, by placing into a mixing bowl:

¾ cup heavy whipping cream

Beat until stiff peaks form. When the cream cheese mixture has completely cooled down and is cold, place the mixture into another mixing bowl and add the rest of the bar of cream cheese. Beat until smooth and creamy. Add the whipped cream and beat well, scraping the sides of the bowl often…

Place the whipped cream mixture into a large decorator’s bag fitted with a large star tip. Pipe the whipped cream into the berries…

pipe cream filling into strawberries

Swirl  a generous amount around the top of the berries and add a decorated star…

july 4th desserts

chocolate filled strawberriesIf your stars are very thick or it is very warm in your kitchen and your whipped cream seems too soft to hold the stars, try placing the filled strawberries into the refrigerator for awhile. When the whipped cream has firmed up a bit, garnish with the stars. Return the completed strawberries to the frig to remain cold until you are ready to serve them…

Happy 4th of July!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For another colorful way to celebrate the Red, White and Blue, please check out my post how to make this stunning jello poke Flag Cake…

It’s refreshing, yet dazzling as well…

flag cake

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My posting is going to be very erratic for the rest of the summer due to me working on some  fun and exciting floral cookie bouquets coming out later on this Fall! If you haven’t subscribed to my blog, now might be a nice time to subscribe… especially if you don’t want to miss out on the latest floral cookie bouquet creation this summer! 🙂

Happy Summer to you!…

Pony Cake

Litte Pony cake

Our little daughter had a birthday party last weekend and I made her a little pony cake. I wanted to share with you how I made this cake in case you are ever in need of making an easy  rainbow decoration for a cake..

rainbow twizzlers

This is how I made the the candy rainbow…I took wooden skewers and snipped them off to about a 3 inch length and then slid small gumdrops over the tip of the skewers so that the gumdrops were about 3/4 inch down from the tips… 

I inserted the skewered gumdrops in a row on the cake where I wanted the left side of the rainbow to be.

I then insert the first gumdrop, of the right side of the rainbow, about 1/2  of an inch from the last gumdrop of the left side of the rainbow. I took a piece of licorice ( I used red for the inner most strip of color in the rainbow)  and sort of “eyeballed-it” to see how long the licorice strip should be in order for it to be curved over to attach to that other single gumdrop (for the rainbow’s right side) and then snipped it off with a scissors.

I slid the red licorice over the skewered gumdrops ( the rainbow-colored licorice is hollow inside).  I then took the remaining other licorice pieces and inserted them onto the rainbow’s left side and bent them over to attach to the skewers on the rainbow’s right side.

rainbow twizzlers

The right side of the rainbow is going to look a little messy because the licorice strips just  aren’t long enough to bend over far enough to make a complete perfect rainbow…

rainbow licorice

So hide that incomplete rainbow, I curled some curling ribbon and placed it around that portion of the rainbow…

rainbow pony cake

This is where I stuck in some of the little star cookie candles…

cookie star candles


I made these by making little holes in the center of the star-shaped cookies and then attached the fondant  to the cookies ( in a similar manner as making  Peony cookies) and then took a candle and made an impression into the center. And because there was a hole in the baked-cookie center, there became a shallow well in the fondant. I dipped the candle bottom into a little bit of melted chocolate and then placed the candle into the center of the cookie…

candle cookie stars

I decorated around the candle area with a little piped frosting and sugar. Then I slid large gumdrops over skewers so that the skewer was inserted about halfway into the gumdrop.  I dipped the flat part of the skewered-gumdrop into some melted chocolate and laid the star cookie on top and then placed it into a piece of styrofoam to set up until I placed it into the cake…

I used a little pink cotton candy to create clouds for the rainbow and stars…

pink cotton candy clouds

 And then added the main attraction of the cake…

my little pony

 A pony with little wings! 

I think the cake was a success! All the little girls wanted a piece of the candy rainbow and the pink cotton clouds were a HUGE success! But the best part was when my daughter, E., saw the cake. Her eyes lit up, she was smiling ear-to-ear as she softly touched the pony and pink clouds and then she dreamily said, “ooooohhh Mommy… I love it!”    And don’t those few words make a mommy smile as well?  🙂

Bing Balls

Valentine cherry cake pops Why not give your sweetie one of these little delights on a stick – “Bing Balls”!

They start out with a sweet cherry pink candy center and then you dip them twice into melted chocolate and then roll them in coarsely chopped cocktail peanuts! They are like a Bing Cherry Bar only on a stick! Seems like we are putting everything on a stick these days, why leave out the Bing Cherry Bar?  Yum Yum…   🙂

And if you don’t  care for peanuts or are allergic, skip the nuts and go for the gusto! –  dip them three times into the chocolate! Seriously, is there anything as too much chocolate??

pink cake balls for Valentine's day Bing Balls

Melt in a medium-sized saucepan:

      1/4 c salted butter

Then add:

      1 cup granulated sugar

      1/3 cup evaporated milk ( NOT sweetened condensed milk)

      1/8 teas salt

      6 large marshmallows

Stir and bring to a boil. GENTLY boil for 5 minutes. Take off the heat and add:

      2 teas cherry extract

      1 cup red candy coating wafers

Stir occasionally until the wafers have completely melted. Pour the mixture onto a sheet of parchment paper to cool down. When the mixture has cooled and has started to “set up”,  start kneading it and begin forming it into little balls ( about 3/4 inch). Place the balls on a cookie sheet that has been covered with waxed or parchment paper. Place the balls into the refrigerator until they are firm.

Meanwhile, melt:

      1 Tablespoon red candy coating wafers

Dip a skewer into the melted wafers and then insert the skewer into one of the balls ( stick the skewer in only about halfway. Be careful not to push it clear through the ball) Place the skewered balls back into the refrigerator. Meanwhile, in a small heavy saucepan, melt over low heat:

      1 cup or so semi-sweet chocolate chips

      1/3 cup peanut butter

This amount may vary depending on how many times you are going to dip the balls. You can always melt more if needed…  Dip the skewered balls into the chocolate mixture so that the chocolate is covering not only the balls but a little of the skewer as well….

Stick the skewered dipped balls into a chunk of plasticwrap-covered styrofoam to firm up. Place them back into the refrigerator until chocolate has firmed up and then dip them again. Then roll them in:

      1 cup or so coarsely chopped cocktail peanuts

When the chocolate has firmed up, it is time to take a bite…or two… 🙂 

valentine candy bouquets





Cookies, fresh from the garden!

pink daisies

I got the phone call a couple of days ago that my DVDs were ready to be picked up! I could hardly believe it and almost had to pinch myself as I drove over to get them. It has been quite a journey to get to this point and it is a wonderful feeling to be able to finally hold the DVDs in my hand!

My new  DVD titled “Blossomedge – Floral Cookie Bouquets” will be demonstrating how to make floral cookie bouquets similar to the one pictured above! My cookie bouquets are very unusual because they so closely resemble real flower bouquets. This blog has been filled with floral photography because  I love flowers! I love taking photos of them and then capturing the essence of them in cookie form! 

wildflower bouquet

To create a realistic-looking floral bouquet, the cookies must be 3-dimensional in form…

wildflowersGone are the days that we are limited to making the flat 2-dimensional cookie bouquet! Thank Goodness because we have all seen them, made them and given them away as gifts. Here is a way to create something new! A chance to give your special someone a “bouquet of flowers” – that they can eat too!   🙂  

cookie bouquets


In this first DVD of the series, I am sharing some bouquet techniques that are fun to do with kids!  Filled with color, candy, cookies and using techniques that are easy enough to do with kids, these bouquets are almost guaranteed to be a fun-filled yummy project! 

If you would like to see and read more about the DVD, please go to my new site at:   See you there! 

blue wildflowers

blue daisies 

yellow daisiesFor more information, photos and ordering the DVD, please go to


Orange Blossom Cookies

sunset over Lake superior


Fall must be right around the corner because the trees up here in Minnesota are just beginning to have that dusted-orange appearance. This has been such a crazy whirlwind summer and  I’m having a hard time realizing that this summer is drawing to a close and Autumn will be starting soon!

Our little boy is starting his first day of school tomorrow. Our daughter E. is so excited for school, she wishes school would’ve started yesterday but little A. … well, he bursts into tears if we dare even mention the word school. Poor little guy, he wants to “stay home with Mommy”!  Oh dear, after dropping him off tomorrow, Mommy may need more tissue than little A. !  Doesn’t it just break your heart when little ones cling to you and cry because they don’t want you to leave?   Ah, wish me luck tomorrow!   🙂  

I’m going to give you a recipe for Orange Blossom cookies. I found this recipe years ago and the cookies turn out very moist with a nice tangy-orange flavor. So being as the cookies have orange flavor, I thought this might be a fun time to share some of my favorite photos with fiery shades of orange in them…

orange leaves

fall leaves

 sherbet drink

  Orange dahlia

orange flowers


orange lily


Orange Blossom Cookies

Into a large bowl put:

       1-1/2 c sugar

      1 cup soft butter

Beat this until creamy. Then add:

      1 cup dairy sour cream

      2 eggs

Beat this until light and fluffy. Then sift together:

      4 cups flour

      1 teas baking powder

      1 teas baking soda

      1 teas salt

Add this to the creamed mixture and beat until combined. Then stir in:

      2/3 c freshly squeezed orange juice

      3 Tablespoons grated orange peel

Drop batter onto ungreased cookie sheets with 2 spoons and bake in 375 degree oven for about 7-10 minutes or until the edges are a light golden brown. Remove the cookie from the cookie sheets after baking them and allow them to cool.

After they have cooled down, frost them with the following icing:

Orange Icing

In a small saucepan melt:

      1/4 c butter

Place the melted butter into a small bowl along with the following:

      2 c powdered sugar

      1 Tablespoon grated orange peel

Mix well and then add:

      2-3 Tablespoons fresh squeezed orange juice

until you have the desired consistency. Store in an airtight container.   ( I have even placed this batter into cupcake liners and turned them into muffins! ) Enjoy!



Peanut Butter Mint bars

red clover

I once asked my little daughter what her favorite flavor of ice cream was and without even pausing, she grinned and excitedly responded  “pink”!

Well, I guess there we have it, pink is now an official flavor! 🙂  I’ve never thought of it as a flavor before , but it is one of my favorite colors, especially on flowers like this red clover…

red clover

red clover

red clover

Here is a recipe for two flavors not often put together, peanut butter and mint! These bars have a delightful combination of the two flavors – the salty nuttiness of the peanuts  and the smooth refreshing taste of the mint.

Isn’t this summer going by way toooo fast?…

Peanut Butter Mint Bars

Into a large mixing bowl combine:

      2 cups quick cooking oatmeal

      1- 3/4 cups firmly packed brown sugar

      1-1/2 cups flour

      1 teas baking powder

      1/2 teas baking soda

      1/2 teas salt

Then add:

      1/2 c butter, soften

       1/2 c butter flavored vegetable shortening

Mix until crumbly. Measure out 1 cup of this mixture and place into a small mixing bowl and toss with:

      1- 10 oz. pkg Andes creme de menthe baking chips

      1 c chopped dry roasted peanuts
Set aside. To the first crumbly mixture add:

       1 egg

Mix well. Press into a 15×10 inch greased baking pan and bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. About two minutes before the 15 minutes are up, place into a small mixing bowl:

      1 can sweetened condensed milk

      1/2 cup real peanut butter

But do not mix together ( the reason for this being, once mixed together, it will start to get very thick and will become difficult to pour).  Take the bars out of the oven, quickly stir together the ingredients above and pour over the baked layer and carefully spread it out. Sprinkle the Andes mixture over the top and return to the oven for 10 minutes. Do not overbake. Let cool completely in the  pan before cutting into bars. Store in an airtight container.