3 thoughts on “Hyacinth Pops

  1. AMAZING!! Just absolutely AMAZING. Every flower in your springtime bouquet is one of my favorites: I wait all year long for them to bloom in my garden, and when they finally do, I begin to mourn the fact that they are so short-lived. I would LOVE to be able to make such a bouquet! Perhaps with your excellent tutorial…I will be able to!!
    Hyacinths are my all-time favorite. And what a clever “pop” you made!

  2. These look really delicious! I bet the recipe comes out tasting really yummy.
    My only thought was what if you dipped the crispy treats in melted colored chocolate that matched the colors of the tinted coconut flakes? That way you wouldn’t have to add too much outside, just enough for your petal effect, and any little bit of chocolate showing through wouldn’t matter because it would all match.
    I think your full bouquet is gorgeous!!! What an amazing job.

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