Pony Cake

Litte Pony cake

Our little daughter had a birthday party last weekend and I made her a little pony cake. I wanted to share with you how I made this cake in case you are ever in need of making an easy  rainbow decoration for a cake..

rainbow twizzlers

This is how I made the the candy rainbow…I took wooden skewers and snipped them off to about a 3 inch length and then slid small gumdrops over the tip of the skewers so that the gumdrops were about 3/4 inch down from the tips… 

I inserted the skewered gumdrops in a row on the cake where I wanted the left side of the rainbow to be.

I then insert the first gumdrop, of the right side of the rainbow, about 1/2  of an inch from the last gumdrop of the left side of the rainbow. I took a piece of licorice ( I used red for the inner most strip of color in the rainbow)  and sort of “eyeballed-it” to see how long the licorice strip should be in order for it to be curved over to attach to that other single gumdrop (for the rainbow’s right side) and then snipped it off with a scissors.

I slid the red licorice over the skewered gumdrops ( the rainbow-colored licorice is hollow inside).  I then took the remaining other licorice pieces and inserted them onto the rainbow’s left side and bent them over to attach to the skewers on the rainbow’s right side.

rainbow twizzlers

The right side of the rainbow is going to look a little messy because the licorice strips just  aren’t long enough to bend over far enough to make a complete perfect rainbow…

rainbow licorice

So hide that incomplete rainbow, I curled some curling ribbon and placed it around that portion of the rainbow…

rainbow pony cake

This is where I stuck in some of the little star cookie candles…

cookie star candles


I made these by making little holes in the center of the star-shaped cookies and then attached the fondant  to the cookies ( in a similar manner as making  Peony cookies) and then took a candle and made an impression into the center. And because there was a hole in the baked-cookie center, there became a shallow well in the fondant. I dipped the candle bottom into a little bit of melted chocolate and then placed the candle into the center of the cookie…

candle cookie stars

I decorated around the candle area with a little piped frosting and sugar. Then I slid large gumdrops over skewers so that the skewer was inserted about halfway into the gumdrop.  I dipped the flat part of the skewered-gumdrop into some melted chocolate and laid the star cookie on top and then placed it into a piece of styrofoam to set up until I placed it into the cake…

I used a little pink cotton candy to create clouds for the rainbow and stars…

pink cotton candy clouds

 And then added the main attraction of the cake…

my little pony

 A pony with little wings! 

I think the cake was a success! All the little girls wanted a piece of the candy rainbow and the pink cotton clouds were a HUGE success! But the best part was when my daughter, E., saw the cake. Her eyes lit up, she was smiling ear-to-ear as she softly touched the pony and pink clouds and then she dreamily said, “ooooohhh Mommy… I love it!”    And don’t those few words make a mommy smile as well?  🙂

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  1. Great job Joanie!!! That is so beautiful, I bet she loved it. I love it, and I am a taf older than your daughter lol.

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