Photos from my DVD!…

 picking wildflowers

picking wildflowers

 What would be more fitting to introduce a DVD about making floral cookie bouquets than a little girl picking wildflowers out in a meadow?  🙂  One beautiful morning last June,  I took some photos of my little daughter E. while she picked wildflowers in a meadow…

picking wildflowers

And it just seemed perfect to use them in the  DVD’s introduction…

You know, I am absolutely bursting at the seams with excitement to tell you everything about my new DVD! So today, I am going to share some photos from the DVD and let you in on a few more secrets about what the DVD is about but I still can’t reveal too much until the release date in November…

When I became a stay-at-home mom years ago, I found myself wanting to try projects that I had been thinking about creating for many years. One of them was a type of floral cookie bouquet. Not the common tradition type of bouquet but something very unique. 

Years and thousands of cookie flowers later, I perfected my technique and produced a DVD – my first DVD of a new series I am creating that will demonstrate how to make these unusual floral cookie bouquets.

Over the years I have received many comments from people saying they weren’t “sugar professionals” and could never make my bouquets. But I would always tell them, they aren’t difficult to make! In fact, a child could make them – with adult supervision. I would go on to describe how I make the bouquets and then they would start nodding, saying ‘yah, I could make these!” Hence, the beginning of the DVD!

It is my passion to show people, that by learning some simple techniques, they too can make some absolutely unforgettable floral cookie bouquets  – bouquets that would amaze their friends and be talked about long after the cookies have all been eaten.

So to reassure everyone these cookie bouquets are for every skill level out there, I had my little niece Alyssa help me make one of the bouquets on the DVD!


Isn’t she cute?  🙂  She made such a good little assistant! Together, we made the Alyssa Butterfly Bouquet. It is a colorful and fun bouquet to make with little kids, especially little girls with all the flowers and butterflies involved but  –  little boys like to get in on the action too!

To conclude the DVD, I had a kids’ cookie party! It was a party filled with ice cream and cake…

birthday cake

ice cream

And of course, COOKIES! A cookie tree as a matter of fact… We had a lot of fun filming it and it was the perfect way to conclude the DVD!

In my next blog, there will be photos of my floral cookie bouquets!  I promise…   🙂

I hope you are all having a wonderful Autumn season!   





5 thoughts on “Photos from my DVD!…

  1. Hey Joan,
    I am so happy for you in your new DVD product:
    Blossoms Edge’s Floral Cookie Bouquets!
    You’re amazingly creative and detailed in all your work!
    I really proud of you!


  2. I love the photos!! They are the cutest things and I love the Floral Cookie Bouquets!! They are Beautiful!

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