Little Doll cake

doll cake

Our little girl had a birthday recently and she asked me to make her a Barbie cake (the kind with the doll stuck in a dome-shaped cake that becomes the doll’s skirt). I thought “Okay, I’ll just go to the store and get one of those “half dolls” to put in the cake…” So, I went to the store to buy one. Ummm, I haven’t seriously looked at one of those dolls before and all of the dolls’ expressions struck me as…well, sort of…creepy. Do you think so too?  Maybe it’s just me…Well anyway, I decided to try and come up with something else and still keep the “Barbie cake” theme…

But what were my options?  The half-dolls were out of the question, so I went to Walmart and searched the toy aisle for a regular Barbie doll. The only dolls they had were $19.99  Okay, I refused to spend almost $20 on a doll that is going to be covered with frosting. Then I saw this cute little doll in a package that my little girl would not only want to play with, it would look adorable as a princess and it was only $4.00.  So I bought it and went to work transforming the doll into something I could use on the Barbie cake.

I thought I’d share with you what I did in case some day your little special someone comes and tells you that  she would love a birthday cake that has a Barbie inside and “lots and lots of flowers”( and you too, are “creeped out” by the expressions on those half-dolls’ faces!!)

Okay, so the first thing I did was style the doll’s hair by twisting it into a knot and hot gluing it to her head…

doll hairstyle

Then I attached a bow…

doll cake

I made the cake layers and then used a portion of the cake batter to make one giant cupcake. I frosted the cake, then set the cupcake upside down onto the top of the cake. I then hollowed it out and slid the doll’s body inside. I frosted the cupcake skirt then added the ruffles down the front and then piped on the pink dots with a cake decorator’s star tip…

ruffled doll skirt

Then I piped on her bodice and carefully positioned her arm to hold a tiny  basket ( found at a craft store) and filled it with tiny frosting flowers. In the package, she was initially cradling a teddy bear, so it was the perfect set-up for the basket. ( I kept the teddy bear and gave it to my daughter after her party was over…)

doll basket

For the candles on the cake, I bought miniature clay pots (also found at the craft store) and filled them with fondant to secure the candles and then piped on little purple flowers and leaves…


The cake was a success! She loved the cake, it was fun to make and the doll was not only a decoration but a toy to play with after the party was over!

4 thoughts on “Little Doll cake

  1. i was loooking at ur cake and thought i would do something like this for my little girl how did u do the ruffles i mean what tip did u use… or is it foundant.

  2. I used fondant and rolled it underneath a toothpick to create a “frilly” effect! 🙂

  3. That turned out fantastic! It looks sooo much better than any doll cake that you could buy, it is really adorable, i love the little terra cotta pots and the doll’s dress and her basket of flowers! LOVE! I hope your daughter did, too!

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