A Luscious Cream Cheese Frosting…


Oh, do I have a recipe for all of you frosting-lovers out there! If you are like me and like frosting, but not super sweet ones that leave you gasping for a glass of water after the first bite, you will have to try this one…

For the photo above I put it on banana cake and added a little pineapple flavoring for an extra “zing”. It was heavenly!…

Luscious Cream Cheese Frosting

Into a small saucepan put:

      1 cup milk

      1/4 c flour

Whisk until smooth and then cook on stove. Stir with a wooden spoon or keep whisking until mixture is thick and creamy. Take off heat and then let it cool down completely.

Into a large mixing bowl place:

      1 cup soft butter

      8 oz. room temperature cream cheese ( * see note at bottom)

Beat until combined, then add:

      1 cup powdered sugar

Beat until creamy then add the cooled mixture above and whip until it is light and creamy. Add:

      1 t vanilla ( or different flavoring. ** see note at bottom)

Mix well. This makes enough icing to frost an 8-inch layer cake.

* If you would like a sweeter-tasting frosting, add more powdered sugar (1/4 cup at a time) until desired sweetness is achieved.

* I like to set my cream cheese out the night before on the counter. This way my cream cheese will be nice and soft, resulting in a much creamier and fluffier frosting.

** When substituting different flavorings, be careful with the amounts. Almond extract has a sweeter flavor than vanilla so you may want to use a little less. I used pineapple flavoring for my frosting and had to use almost 1 Tablespoon of flavoring but I am wondering if my flavoring is diluted?…Either way, please do your own taste test and adjust the flavoring amounts accordingly.

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