Orchard Popcorn

Do you like going to the apple orchards in the Fall? I love it! They are just exploding with color and activity this time of year. It’s funny though, I’ve been going to these places for years and have never picked a single apple! I like looking at and experiencing everythingelse…especially during the week when the crowds are not there…Pumpkins


My favorite attractions at the orchards are the pumpkins, cute decor…


the beautiful flowers…

purple wildflowers








…and of course, the food! At one of the places, I sampled the best popcorn…

Orchard popcorn

 I expected the usual buttery salty taste and then…well – got something else! I asked the man what was on the popped corn and he said “sugar”. I thought “sugar?!” but it did have a sweet taste to it.

Orchard popcorn

Here is what I came up with… I started out with 2 T of sugar but if you have a sweet tooth, you may want to add 1 Tablespoon more. The same goes for the Molly Mcbutter sprinkles…I kept it at 2 Tablespoons but you may want to add more depending upon your sweet/salty preference.

This makes a great snack for movie night or a party and makes a great addition to Halloween treat bags!

Orchard Popcorn

Into a very large bowl put:

      8 cups popped corn

Over the popped corn drizzle:

      1/2 cup melted butter

Mix well then sprinkle over the top:

      2 T Molly Mcbutter sprinkles

      3 T sugar

Toss with the popped corn and serve! Yummmmmmm…Happy Fall!

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2 thoughts on “Orchard Popcorn

  1. HI Joanie-

    My name is Lina and I saw your husband Steven @ Margaret’s daughter Sophia’s 2nd Birthday party. I lived with Margaret for over 4 years so I have known Steven and many of the Johnson family for years. Steven told me about your site and asked me to check it out and give my comments on it.

    I love it! I have checked it out several times and I think the pictures are awesome! Steven said you just use a small digital camera and the photos are so sharp and look wonderful! The food makes my mouth water and the flowers, etc. are so pretty. I too love photography so the pictures are so fun to look at!

    I have never been very good in the kitchen, but you have shared some wonderful ideas that I want to try! I too have two small children ages 6 and almost 8 and some things would be fun to try with them!

    Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas Joanie-tell Steven HI and I know I will be checking this site out often.

    Take Care,

  2. I like the pictures as much as your food ideas. You are a very talented photographer Spike P.

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